August 12, 2006

the guinea pig and me

i had this little roommate for the last couple days. tomorrow he is going back to his "real" family. guinea pigs are stange looking guys (->silikon lips). some people may say they´re stupid, i think it´s pure lazyness.


if you´re allergic you can still keep up with these fellas (+ they don´t pee on your kitchen floor like the one above does):

guinea pigs by www.designerwhite.ca
these rosenpigs are made in canada by talented erica pitt and aaron white.
they have a website called designerwhite.ca.
make sure to watch the short film on their website, it´s great and answers some questions...

fishcake guinea pig
voz of fishcakes makes these little guys. they are available at taryn´s totally awesome shop for handmade goods and zines called my my



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